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Personalised Messages

Stuck for gift ideas for someone special in your life?
Through my new personalised video messages you can send Birthday, Anniversary,Congratulations, Get Well Soon, Thank You, Thinking of You messages or just cheer someone up by having their favourite song sung just for them from you!


- €50


Meet and Greets


I am delighted to now offer Virtual Meet and Greets!!!

With the global pandemic of Covid 19 most artists are unable to be out in public spaces performing and getting to meet their audience and supporters which is a huge part of why we do what we do "connection"

Hearing personal stories and getting to know our audience is a very rewarding and enriching part of being a performer and although technology allows us to still share music there really is no replacement for face to face contact, so I have listened to what you guys have been requesting and with no real clear direction of when we as a performers and as an industry will be able to travel and perform again I really want to stay connected with all of you by offering some packages that will support that.

I hope you will be as excited as I am about this and I am looking forward to meeting you already!

30 mins - €50

40 mins - €60



Broken By Design Album art work for webs

€10.00 - Includes Shipping

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€15.00 - Includes Shipping

€8.00 - Includes Shipping
Shipping cost based on 1 CD,costs may vary for larger qauntities see Paypal Check Out for final Shipping Cost


I inherited two fine gifts from my Grandmother... 
a love of hats and the ability to make them!
I can't remember ever seeing my Grandmother sitting at the fireplace without a set of needles and a ball of wool in her hands.
Truth be told there was usually a little drop of Jameson sitting in a glass nearby too, but she was never idle, she was always either, baking, sewing or knitting.
She was known about town as the "Hat Lady" as she was NEVER seen in public without one of  her favourite Trilby hats, she was pure class and she knew how to wear a hat.
So last year during all of the crazy lockdowns in order to retain some semblance of productivity I picked up some wool and a crochet hook and created most of these hats you will see below, I started running out of space to store them and there simply wasn't anywhere to go and show them off, so I started wearing them in my Meet & Greet's and for my Soul Song Sunday sessions and you all loved them!!! and you wanted one!!!
So here they are, as you can see they are all different, they are all one off's just like YOU and just like ME,
BUT if there is onw that you fall in love with and it has been sold I will gladly make you your own with a little twist of something unique just for you.
So have fun, if you do want to order several or you want a custom made hat please give me at least 2 weeks as it has been very difficult to get yarn with our mostly closed with these lockdowns. 
Oh! I will be constantly adding to the collection and will focus on making more for the men ;-)))