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May and More!

What a busy month May has been! turning 50 was probably the biggest chapter in my personal book!

I decided to take a really good look at what that meant for me and to focus on all the positives that 50 years on this earth and 30 years in the entertainment industry has taught me.

I marked that by putting together a Birthday Concert "From Ruby Slippers to Radio City Music Hall" which you can view on my new "Concerts" channel.

Thank you to all who have payed to view it (€15 one off payment) and for the wonderfully uplifting messages I received from you all they really made me feel that I followed the right promptings of my heart and the universe.

Here is a little snippet for those who are considering viewing it.

On the back of the success of the concert I have decided to make these a regular monthly event so next month June will be a selection of EVERGREEN songs from some of my favourite singer songwriters namely Don McLean, Simon & Garfunkel, James Taylor, Dan Fogelberg and many more from the American Folk Rock genre.

This will be available to view from the "Concerts" channel


The website SHOP is now accessible through my Alex Sharpe Facebook page which will take you directly to the website if you want to purchase any of the services I offer such as

Personal or Group Meet & Greets.

Personalised Video Messages (for Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc ...includes a song of your choice)

Virtual Customised House Concerts ( you can select the set list and invite as many parties to join the concert ... these are all live concerts through ZOOM and are an interactive audience participation experience)

Vocal Lessons

Handmade Hats


A big thank you! to everyone who tunes in for the Soul Song Sunday series on website channel, these now go out every other Sunday as the weekends have gotten busy with virtual concerts, if you haven't been able to view them on the website I have started to share them on my Alex Sharpe Youtube channel so head over there if you have missed any and you can find them all in the one spot along with with some other videos and when you are there don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and hit the BELL button that way you will always receive a notification as soon as I post any new videos :-)


A New Journey - Exclusive footage!

Earlier on in the year I was so lucky to get my hands on the full live concert of Celtic Woman's

A New Journey tour that was filmed at the Greek Theatre in LA in 2008, courtesy of Chris Kissinger from IMAGE FACTORY PRODUCTIONS the in house videographer for the theatre.

This is particularly special to me as it was my first tour with the group and also it was the only tour that had the line of Orla, Chloe, Lynn, Mairead and myself.

I will roll out footage from the concert over time on the 'A New Journey' section of My Channel but it is only available for members of the website to view ... so join up for free today to watch Caledonia & The Blessing

Here are two little snippets from those performances.


Finally a little bit of good news on the work front for me, I was able to use my home studio for a lovely online corporate event for a fabulous new and vibrant event company called 7 Entertainment and Ovation Ireland DMC, it was a promotional event featuring some of Ireland's top luxury hotels and tourist attractions.

As always I am so deeply grateful to each and everyone of you who have supported me from the beginning through your words of encouragement, through purchasing my music and the various services I offer from the website, particularly for holding me up and keeping me afloat financially during this pandemic

I am looking forward to hopefully getting out there to perform live for you all where and when it's possible in the future.

Lots of love to you all

Alex. XXX

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I only wish I had the right words. I miss Alex so much, her voice and music helps me through the worst of times. She gives me peace when I need it most and helps me with my PTSD from 1952 Korea. Alex is the ray of sunshine I need to get through the day. The Sound of Music has become my favorite song but Amazing Grace is right up there. My father was the music director at church and he sang that all the time. Bad day today, shaking so hard I can hardly type. Too many mistakes. Don Breazeale


Jurgen Primas
Jurgen Primas

Dear Alex,

thank you so very much for this post - it's what a lot of us awaited and needed, I believe.

I also believe it was our pleasure to help you and to walk by your side through these horribly dark times of lockdown and isolation.

Soon, very soon, they will have no other choice but to loosen restrictions and perhaps life will come close to "normal" again! I pray that people will use their regained freedoms with responsibility and that we will never again be forced into such situations.

There might be a surge of people seeking what they have long missed: Culture, concerts and live performances. I for one wish you lots of engagements, gigs, or whatever…

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