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'Christmas At Home'

Woohoo!!! My new virtual Christmas concerts are now available to book!

Go to the drop down menu under the SHOP tab click on 'Christmas At Home' to submit your Booking Form and start to build your very own customised Christmas concert.

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Jurgen Primas
Jurgen Primas
21. Nov. 2021

Hey folks!

It looks as if we are heading into the second CHRISTMAS AT HOME season in 2021!

I, for one, have already booked and am really looking forward to the concert again, despite the new covid - lockdown - restrictions we may be heading for in Europe and elsewhere.

This CHRISTMAS AT HOME concert will be a very, very special one, because several new friends of the Concert Buddy Groups will tune in too!

I can't wait to see Alex and you guys on the screen again! Take care and stay safe! 🌲❤️🌲

Gefällt mir
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